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Michaelangelo Hamilton is an independent licensed insurance agent with over four years of industry experience. He resides in the State of Florida and is currently servicing Florida and Virginia.

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How It Works?


The first customer benefit

We Determine Your Eligbility for a Subsidized Health Plan.

We will review the plans in your area and determine what your subsidy will be towards any plan offered on the exchanges (state or federal)

The second customer benefit

Then, We Offer Customized Solutions.

Next, we will search for supplementary products that fill in the gap for items that may not offered through the exchanges like hospital idemnity plans, dental/vision/hearing, etc. You may elect or deny this coverage.

The third customer benefit

Lastly, We Present A Final Proposal.

Then, we will present the insurance coverage options to you and enroll you in the plan(s). 

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